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Purchasing Manager China Production and Purchasing

Recruitment sector and details

​department           Purchasing and Warehousing

job group                            China Production / Purchasing Responsible

Position                          Team Leader / Team Member  

type of employment                    Full-time/contract/intern


Korea is already a pioneer and is already in the settlement stage, but it is still in the rapidly emerging eSports market globally.

Launched Pulsar, a brand that develops equipment in-house and sells directly based on online platforms around the world to supply equipment to customers at a reasonable price   I want to design, design, and produce all computer peripherals such as keyboard and mouse at partner factories.  do you like games? Are you interested in gaming equipment, computers, etc?  A symbiotic relationship with Suppliers is very important. I think. Would you like to have fun working together?

Looking for someone with this experience  

ㆍThose who have worked on ordering for Chinese production.

ㆍThose who have done work such as product QC. 

ㆍThose who have no problems with frequent business trips to China.

ㆍThose who can stay in China for a long time if the company needs it. 

ㆍAcademic background / age / gender are irrelevant. 

ㆍYou should have no problems reading, writing, and conversing in Chinese. 

ㆍYou must be able to use office tools such as excel. 

You will do this. 

ㆍResponsible for overall OEM production operations such as production ordering / purchasing / QC with China. 

ㆍThere will be a business trip to China. 

ㆍAll communication with Chinese factories. 

ㆍFactory, market, research, and sourcing necessary products or parts. 

If you have this experience, even better. 

ㆍThose who have lived in China

ㆍThose who have been in procurement and production business in China

ㆍThose who have worked with factories in China

The shift goes like this: 

ㆍRegular positions are probationary for 3 months, contract positions can be converted to full-time positions within 1 year, and intern positions are 6 months. 

ㆍWe work 5 days a week (Mon-Fri) from 8:00 to 5:00, and the lunch break is free between 10 and 4. 

The selection procedure is as follows.

ㆍDocument Submission > Job Interview > Suitability Interview > Final Acceptance 

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