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time is forever


We search for new markets, plan and design brands and products,

By selling products based on collected data

It is a company that makes a profit.

Like everyone else, we gathered with the goal of making a profit anyway.

But if you're going to spend 8 hours a day the same as everyone else anyway


We at least throw a positive message to society

Give meaning to the company's existence in the market,

people who are really interested in the business

Doing something more meaningful to us

I would like to make a good use of my time.

People with a will have gathered in 2020. 

We are currently leading eSports, Korea 
World-class brands and players' equipment for the first time in Korea
Very challenging to finish from design to production 
​doing something important 

Would you like to spend your time meaningfully with us?

We are always hiring talented people to join us.



• We   will set tough and high goals and challenge   

• We care very much about what we do.  

• We believe what we do is very important.   

• We will pursue profit by delivering positive influence and messages to society.

• All in all.   

• Simple, intuitive and simple.  

• Do everything in detail.   

• Don't do it because money is the only goal.  

• Do only a few that are meaningful and focused. so innovate

• Core technology must be internally owned. 

Business Brainstorming

Announcement of permanent recruitment

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