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It means the highest level and the meaning of “adding something to become Ace”.


AplusX Inc. is a newly founded company in 2020.


We are not just anybody. 

Our founders and founding members have long time experience in building a globally known brand from the scratch. The previous business has been successfully sold to a listed company in Japan. And the brand is still growing rapidly and doing well. 


We are forming a new company to pioneer our new vision.


We want to "ADD" some value to what we do or what we make.



Not just chasing to make a profit as a company, 

at least we want to do something that is meaningful to us and we want to add "X" that can make positive impact to the market or the people.

What we do may seem nothing to somebody.

But we really do care about what we do and we believe that what we do is a very important. 


Simple but not simpler.

​We plan brands, engineer, and design products in-house.  

We are not just a hardware company. 

From production to sales and marketing,

we gather and efficiently sort our data and create an algorithm that

can make our work extremely simple and efficient. 

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