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Overseas Sales E-Commerce English

Recruitment sector and details

​department          eCommerce
job group                            Overseas Sales / Buyer Management / E-Commerce Manager
Position                          Team leader / team member  
type of employment                    Full-time/contract/intern


Korea is already a pioneer and is already in the settlement stage, but it is still in the rapidly emerging eSports market globally.

Launched Pulsar, a brand that develops equipment in-house and sells directly based on online platforms around the world to supply equipment to customers at a reasonable price   I want to design, design, and produce all computer peripherals such as keyboard and mouse at partner factories.  do you like games? Are you interested in gaming equipment, computers, etc?  Why don't you become an ear for North American users like us and try to meet their needs?

Who we are looking for?

ㆍUnderstanding eCommerce platform and nature of its business.  

ㆍWe do not mind your education degree, gender, nor age.  

ㆍWe are expecting you are fluent with English. 

ㆍWe are expecting you can handle MS Office tools well. 

Your Jobs are as below

ㆍTake care of orders from our eCommerce platforms. 

ㆍWill take care of everything related with Amazon Account. 

ㆍWill answer customer questions.

ㆍResearch market and study competitions.

If you have below experience, it will be much better

ㆍExperienced with Amazon Selling already.

ㆍExperienced with Shopify selling.

ㆍExperienced with overseas sales and marketing. 

The shift goes like this: 

ㆍRegular positions are probationary for 3 months, contract positions can be converted to full-time positions within 1 year, and intern positions are 6 months. 

ㆍWe work 5 days a week (Mon-Fri) from 8:00 to 5:00, and the lunch break is free between 10 and 4. 

The selection procedure is as follows.

ㆍDocument Submission > Job interview (including test) > Suitability interview > Final acceptance 

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