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Business Brainstorming

Management Support Team -Accounting / General Affairs / Business Support

Recruitment sector and details

​department          Management Support Team

job group                            Business Support

Position                           team member/employee/chief/assistant 

type of employment                    Full-time/contract/intern


Korea is already a pioneer and is already in the settlement stage, but it is still in the rapidly emerging eSports market globally.

We started the brand Pulsar   to develop our own equipment and sell it directly based on the global online platform to supply equipment at a reasonable price to our customers.  We design and design all computer peripherals such as keyboard and mouse, and try to produce them at partner factories. do you like games? Are you interested in gaming equipment, computers, etc.?  

Looking for someone with this experience. 

ㆍAt least 2-3 years of experience in accounting and general affairs. 

ㆍAge / gender is irrelevant. 

ㆍThose who have worked with a tax accountant and basic accounting.

ㆍThose who have knowledge of accounting. 

ㆍThose who can speak simple English. (read write)


You will do this. 

ㆍWork as a tax accountant in the tax office.  

ㆍIn charge of company accounting. 

ㆍIn charge of general affairs. 

ㆍPerforms other general affairs-related support tasks so that the rest of the team can focus on their work. 

If you have this experience, even better. 

ㆍRelevant work experience

The shift goes like this: 

ㆍRegular positions are probationary for 3 months, contract positions can be converted to full-time positions within 1 year, and intern positions are 6 months. 

ㆍWe work 5 days a week (Mon-Fri) from 8:00 to 5:00, and the lunch break is free between 10 and 4. 

The selection procedure is as follows.

ㆍDocument Submission > Job interview (including coding test) > Conformity interview > Final pass 

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